Sunday, January 6, 2013

Macro Mondays = Vibrant Minimalism!

This theme gave me a headache!
It was very difficult, for this beginner,
to keep in mind the assignment - 
use vibrant colors, think "minimalism"
and GET CLOSE UP... holy cow!

Using a bright yellow ceramic pitcher
and a black iron thingamajig,
I got busy.
 I plunked the subjects down on a table,
 moved things this way,
 and that way.
 Took a deep breath,
 and then one more shot...hmm? neck hurt after this shoot
and I got a little headache too!
Wish someone would give me a critique
cause I'm still not sure how I did on this one.
I'm sharing a photo with three Macro groups.
First - a Flicker group, "Macro Mondays" (here),
studio waterstone
then  "I heart Macro" a Sunday photo showcase
(here) at Studio Waterstone blog
(welcome back from holiday Lori!),
and  "Macro Monday" a Monday photo gallery
 (here) at Lisa's Chaos blog.
My Macro Monday Quote:
"If I knew how to take a good photograph, I'd do it every time." 
- Robert Doisneau
Mr. Doisneau, if you had trouble with taking a good photo,
what hope do I have?  Maybe I'll feel better
about next week's Macro Mondays theme...
"Challenges help you grow", I keep telling myself!
Happy Click'n!


  1. Ceramics are really macro at it's best, keep it together.

  2. Nice shots. I like the details of the black iron thing against the simple yellow.

  3. I like it! I love how you've defined the shape, the fluidity. Especially in the second shot.

  4. I'm the last person who should be 'critiquing' so please take this or leave it - but I really like your second shot, especially the depth of field, maybe seeing more of the top of the pitcher would have told more of the story? But that's far more easier said than done. Thanks for stepping up to the challenge I say.

  5. You did great! I like the third one best, especially if you're working to a 'vibrant minimalism' theme. It's minimal, it's vibrant, and it's macro - what more could you want! Oh, perfect focus, too. :)

  6. I think you did an excellent job. I think it is a tough assignment and you have used real imagination to pull it off


  7. Thank you all for taking the time to leave your thoughts and comments! This was a bugger for me so I really appreciate your input...enjoy your day!


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