Monday, January 7, 2013

Photohike - Neighborhood Hawk

I dug out my one and only zoom lens today,
Vivitar 28-300mm AF Zoom Lens, 
and took a hike.
I spotted a hawk blending in with it's surroundings...
ten feet was close enough
and he took off.
So thrilled to get this shot in flight!
(His wing feathers are curled, love that.)
I stocked him for awhile,
from tree
to tree...
finally he shied away from the paparazzi.
(Hiding his beautiful face, and scratching that itch.)
The day was threatening the rumored snow storm.
Guess I should have taken that haze filter off
(last time I used this lens was at the beach in '04).
 (Saw these Mallard mates too.)
I left my tripod at home for this outing.
Maybe changing these two factors, the capture
will be crisper?!
Or is it this lens... do all zooms of this type/quality
give grainy(noise) results?
You wouldn't insult me with a comment.
(Old Glory - easy to daydream watching this flag in the breeze.)
Good day already!
Happy Click'n!

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