Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 3 - Sweet Shot Tuesday P52

Another cold day in BA ~
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, that is.
We had a little ice and sleet
this week...
(Hope our mugo pines survive another winter icing!)
I found a berry-icle,
(you know, an icicle with a berry head,
kinda like a dog-icle ~ a dog after playing in the snow)
and more berry-icles,
until, I found my "Sweet Shot"...
One single berry-icle!
(Does it look like an exclamation mark
 with the single bokeh circle at the point?)

The week before, these berries looked like this...
just your average winter berries.
Welcome to my 3nd Week of 
Sweet Shot Tuesday P52!
Kent Weakley at "Photography Essentials" (here) is sponsoring P52!

The premise is to post your favorite or best photo each week on Kent's website,
link to your post and comment on other photographer's posts.  What a great way to 
network in the photography blogosphere, learning and sharing as you go!
If you are interested in photographing ice formations,
I found a great link (here) to an article originally from
"Nature Photographer Magazine 2003/4 Winter Issue"
found on Chris Linder Photography website
and I like these wonderful tips from Greenwich Citizen (here)!
Bundle up on your way out...
Happy Click'n!


  1. Love the exclamation point!!!! Super shot.

  2. Love that iced pine and the berry-icle is fabulous. Great shots!


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