Sunday, February 24, 2013

How I spent my weekend ~ EPI Show!

Even though I'm under the weather, I went to my two classes and checked out the vendors at the Elite Photo Institute Show, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the weekend (Feb. 22-23, 2013).  This was the first time they were here or anything quite like it, to my knowledge.  My Hubineer, talked me into it...I was skeptical, but got quite a bit out of the experience after all.  
(I'm third row left side -  you can't see me.)
I took the Beginner's course on Friday which to my surprise was more about Photography then how to operated your camera.  I was pleasantly surprised!  For example, I learned how reflectors and diffusers work to control light.  And little tips like, "if you can't help but shoot in bright sunlight, take photos of people talking or children playing verses trying to pose people in the unflattering light."  For this beginner, I did get things out of this class and they answered questions during and after the class.
(Joe McNally blog here
and FaceBook here)
On Saturday, I went to see Joe McNally, a keynote speaker, he spoke on "lighting".  This was interesting, as he went through some of his work explaining the lighting he used, and then demonstrated a studio session and light control. Now I must admit, some of the terms were over my head but I enjoyed it.  

They had lots of classes on PhotoShop, portrait shooting and what I would consider studio topics, which I wasn't interested in.  They had an area for vendors which was a huge disappointment but maybe next time more interesting vendors will be there. I was hoping to see camera accessories, gadgets, books, etc.  I mean, some of the local photography shops could have had a booth! Around here, the photo shops aren't what they use to be...they still share information but they don't have much stock! (Maybe that explains it right there.)  
Anyways, you might want to check EPI out:
Website (here)
FaceBook (here)
Happy Click'n!

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  1. sounds fun. i am doing my classes on photoshop today, just deciding what i want to learn, search with google for a tutorial. i have learn three new things today...


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