Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Daffodil Diary

My favorite flower is by far the daffodil!
This year I'm remembering to watch them bloom...
Today, the leaves are about 6 inches tall and
a few buds showing (02/08/13).
I can see yellow petals of the maturing buds (02/16/13).
Above, two shots taken on 02/20/13.
Our first snow dusting! Rats!
Daffs waking up after two nights of 18'F (02/23/13) -
my babies are kind of droopy and showing strain
...please recover my beautiful daffodils!

 Both shots above are showing a little stress of my Daffs (02/25/13) -
 the forecast is rain  all day and snow tonight...
my early blooms are opening up!
I'm praying for more blooms once it warms up again?!
Please oh please... otherwise not a respectable showing this year.
OH NO, they took another header in the snow! (02/26/13)
My eyes, I can't look...
(I just noticed the water drop on the stem. Okay, so I peeked.)
Today's forecast is snow showers until noon,
but then it is going to be above freezing rest of the week, YEA!
Believe it or not ~ Standing up Straight!  (02/27/13)
My Daffodils are amazingly hearty.  I see new blooms forming
...thank goodness!
We've had a surprisingly warm winter this year. Once my daffodils peeked up,
the weather began to threaten freezing temps, ice and snow.
Crazy Oklahoma weather!
I'm hoping to take more daffodil photos
 once Spring REALLY springs...
Happy Click'n!

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  1. they sure are hardy, can't believe they can still hold their pretty little heads up. I love yellow flowers, sunflowers, daisies and jonquils. mother always had her yard full of jonquils.


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