Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 6 of Sweet Shot Tuesday P52

I shot and posted several photos of
these antique golf clubs and 
souvenir golf balls this week.
This was my favorite shot...
I love actual "wood" woods!
So sad technology has advanced such
that woods aren't wood anymore, it's crazy.
Maybe it's just me?
But I don't think so...
It's my Sweet Shot!
Kent Weakley at "Photography Essentials" (here) is sponsoring P52!

The premise is to post your favorite or best photo each week on Kent's website,
link to your post and comment on other photographer's posts.  What a great way to 
network in the photography blogosphere, learning and sharing as you go!
"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." ~  Matt Hardy

Happy Click'n!


  1. Lovely shot. I agree with you about technology.

  2. I agree, the old pieces made of wood are beautiful. Very cool shot!

  3. Nice "still life". Something I ought to get into myself. Still lifes, not golf.

  4. I agree. Wood is much nicer than steel or plastic. I hate the sound of a steel baseball bat hitting a ball. The sound should NOT be "ping".
    Lovely wood on the club and great reflection.

  5. You got some great reflection! The contrast between the metal and rich wood is very stark...well done!

  6. I have that same Matt Hardy quote on my blog too :-)

  7. Old wood clubs are so pretty. I wish we had saved some that belonged to my Dad. Beautiful shot and I also love the reflection.


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