Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 9 of Sweet Shot Tuesday ~ P52

I'm hanging my head in shame...
my camera hasn't been click'n much around here.
Seriously, I'm still kind of under the weather, 
(my blood pressure/pulse is going crazy and I'm fighting off a cold)
and our outside weather is dismal... cold, snowy and icy out...
so it's hard to get inspired, 
let alone have the energy to get behind the camera.
This morning, I walked out to get the paper,
I noticed the "snowballs" on the end of our mugo pine...cute!
By the time I got outside again, they were a little melted. 
Hmm, so these are tied for this week's Sweet Shot.
I really want to keep this up for 52 weeks, so I guess this 
might be the first of, quick grab the camera for my "ONLY" shot for P52.
But not very often, I hope!
Kent Weakley at "Photography Essentials" (here) is sponsoring P52!

The premise is to post your favorite or best photo each week on Kent's website,
link to your post and comment on other photographer's posts.  What a great way to 
network in the photography blogosphere, learning and sharing as you go!

It is what it is...
(I love any kind of plant in the pine family, and I love snow!
So that kind of makes these shots my favorite.)

Happy Click'n!


  1. i love pine trees, not snow balls unless they are grape snowballs. these are beautiful photos.


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