Friday, March 8, 2013

I remember all our camera mishaps?!

Broken  Camera Lens Flowerpots (here)
Here are my three top camera safety tips:
1) Don't leave your camera charging near the edge of a table or counter.  This is courting disaster because, your cat could jump on the counter and he might get tangled in the strapping when you scream at him, "Bogey, GET DOWN"!  Then the camera drops to the ground with the nice kitty... 

2) Remove the batteries from your camera or flash accessory.  If you aren't going to be using your device in the next few weeks, remove those batteries cause it is tedious to remove the corrosion! Maybe that's not such a problem for today's camera and accessories?!

3) Travel with your camera and lens unattached.  My camera was assaulted at airport security when they stripped the threads separating my lens and camera!  
Everyone in our family has a long list of camera mishaps,...
lost, broken, soggy, sandy...endless stories,...
but they're safe with me, I'm not talking (this time).
Recently I loaned my Canon PowerShot to one of the offenders!
(Okay, I'm BAD, I'm hoping this will give me
 an excuse to buy a nicer pocket camera.)
Guess I'm an enabler.
What is your most important camera safety tip? 

Happy Click'n!


  1. I just saw a online news magazine article yesterday on this very subject. The link you provided went more into detail though using camera bodies too. Pretty cool idea and I think I'll not pass up the flea market bargains anymore.

  2. a couple of times i have left my camera on the kitchen table, where it resides for easy access to back yard shots, with the strap hanging off the table, bob puts it back and say you KNOW not to leave the strap hanging off, i just caught Baby Girl sniffing it, what if she grabs it to see what it far never had a camera mishap.

  3. Hello! I stopped by for the photo challenge but will check back later for that. I love the flowerpots. That's just so funny to me. I haven't had a mishap (yet, knock on wood) but I will keep this in mind if it happens.

    Have a great day!

  4. I am wincing at the mental picture and sound of a camera breaking! Argh! I never take out the batteries except to charge them. But I think a camera jumps into my hands pretty often, LOL. And a security agent should never, ever be handling the equipment. They have e-ray equipment to inspect the gear. I can't imagine why they needed the camera and lens separated, but in those instances it should always be done by the owner. And if they break it, they buy it!

    Are you going to be participating in the black and white photo challenge today?


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