Monday, March 4, 2013

Macro Mondays = Music

This week's theme on Flickr's Macro Mondays  ~
Interpretation suggestions go like this"There are so many ways music plays a role in our life. A starting point might be to tell us a personal story about music--how music inspires you or makes your life more enjoyable. Another way to approach this theme is to select a particular song title or song lyrics to photograph, or the music of your favorite band or composer. You could also choose a musical instrument to photograph, sheet music, an iPod or a vintage radio." 
"Boot ScootinBoogie"
by Brooks & Dunn,
popped into my mind
and I began click'n my camera...
Ronnie Dunn moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, -- my home town -- for a chance at the country music scene. He lived here for many years while drawing much inspiration from local honky tonks such as "Tulsa City Limits" -- our favorite place to boot scoot! -- which is prominently featured in the music video for Brooks & Dunn's hit "Boot Scootin' Boogie".  (Video at end of post).
Toe tap'n music is my favorite whether it's
country, blues, jazz, pop, etc.!
When we have on our tenny boots and dance, 
we call it squeak-squeakin'...
I shared one of my photos with three Macro groups.
First - a Flicker group, "Macro Mondays" (here),
studio waterstone
then  "I heart Macro" a Sunday photo showcase
(here) at Studio Waterstone blog,
and  "Macro Monday" a Monday photo gallery
 (here) at Lisa's Chaos blog.
This verse REALLY brings back memories...
only I didn't have a truck just a little Honda...

"I've got a good job I work hard for my money
When it's quittin time I hit the door runnin'
I fire up my pickup truck & let the horses run
I go flyin' down that highway to that hide-a-way
Stuck out in the woods to do the boot scootin' boogie"

This song makes me scoot my boots...
Great times!
Happy Click'n!


  1. i love the song and love the boots especailly the header

  2. Fantastic details, depth of field and perspective in these images.

    Happy Macro Monday

  3. Great idea ! Love the boots!

  4. I love your macro, cheers Millie..

  5. Wonderful photos, I love those frames and fascinating approaches. Greetings.


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