Sunday, March 17, 2013

Macro Mondays = Wood

Our Flickr Macro Monday challenge is "Wood".
I wasn't sure if I was going to find time to participate in this one,
but I finally found myself out at the woodpile and taking a few shots...
whomever cut the above log didn't get a clean slice
so this piece has an interesting look ...
above, I liked the colors, pattern and textures of this log...
then on the last shot I just liked the unusual pattern of this log deteriorating,
it's pattern reminds me of a face....kinda like the Joker!

I can't say I am thrilled with these shots but at least I got my camera out
and got some fresh air for a few minutes!
I shared one of my photos with two Macro groups.
First - a Flicker group, "Macro Mondays" (here),
and also "Macro Monday" (here) at Lisa's Chaos blog.
It's the beginning of another busy week ~
seeing family and finishing up our taxes.
Hope I can work in some photography time!
Happy Click'n!


  1. Nice pictures - the textures of wood are endless.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. I love the texture and detail


  3. i am a big fan of this kind of photography, i love all three and they are beautiful.

  4. I love wood - great idea for a macro. I particularly like the gnarliness of the last one. Always good to have a photography challenge.

  5. Fabulous detail when enlarged! Great shots.

  6. Maybe you won't be thrilled now with your shot, but who knows a few years later this pics will make you smile, because you've become better!

  7. Thank you for the inspiration. Yes, a great mean to measure time and life. Please have a good Tuesday.

    robert geiß

  8. I am a HUGE Fan of shots like these .... that last one is absolutely amazing!


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