Friday, March 1, 2013

My Friday Memes ~ 03/01/13

While walking through our swampy backyard,
I glanced at the painted markings OkieBug used to locate utilities,
their way of giving instructions for where not to 
bury the cable for our new telephone and DSL lines. 
Eeegad, orange spray paint is everywhere on our lawn
... they even painted leaves...
A skeleton leaf got sprayed.
 Looks sort of like antique lace...
 Another leaf, has pealing paint on it which
makes an interesting abstract. 
 Oh, I like the textures left from all the
wear and tear this leaf as been put under...
look at the veins...
Interesting ...paint spray, accented veins and flaking paint...
something ugly can look kinda neat in photo form,
I love macros!
Last week's "Orange you glad it's Friday" (here),
I didn't participate in so today it was a surprise that it is on hiatus.
I understand, no hard feelings.
I'm starting a new meme on Saturdays, so this
might be a good thing for me, time wise.
Maybe I'll see OGF next Autumn on Hood Photography or
on a new home blog... thanks, it's been fun!
and for "Weekend Reflections" (here).
Have a great weekend everyone...
Happy Click!


  1. that paint made some truly interesting and beautiful photos

  2. Interesting mirror reflections in your photos. Fine texture.

  3. Wonderful mirror reflections and great shots for the day! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Glad you investigated and discovered some photo art! My favorite is your last pic:)

  5. Great idea for a composition, thoses leaves on a mirror... I like what you did with the painted one.

  6. Lots of textures and varied colors ~ very creative ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  7. Hi Millie! What a treat to find these photos of yours through Weekend Reflections.
    I'm a photography enthusiast, too.
    Nice shots, and happy shooting!


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