Friday, April 19, 2013

OKC National Memorial

What a shock to turn on the TV this week
and hear about the bombing in Boston...

Today is the anniversary of the Murray Building Bombing (here).
18 years ago...

I've been a runner, off and on, mainly off,
for the past 22 years.  I dreamed of
running in the Boston Marathon.
 I may never be good enough runner to do that,
but I would hope, this tragedy doesn't stop
you from your dream to run next year!
So many dreams were shattered on April 15th in Boston,
too many lives lost and people hurt...
I have shed tears for them all,
like the world did for OKC on April 19, 1995!
I didn't get around to posting my last trip
 to the OKC Memorial so here goes...
It's a solemn place...
the "Reflecting Pool" and one of the "Gates of Time",
a message left,
view of the Journal Record Building,
and the Survivor Tree.
"The spirit of this city and this nation will not be 
defeated our deeply rooted faith sustains us."
The Field of Empty Chairs...
Each of the 168 chairs symbolize a life lost, with smaller
chairs representing the 19 children killed.
Arranged in nine rows, one for each of the nine floors
of the building, they are placed according to the floor on
which those killed were working or visiting.
(Above - View from the Survivor Tree.)
Each bronze and stone chair rests on glass base etched
with the name of a victim.  By day, the chairs seem to float above 
their translucent bases.  By night, the glass
bases illuminate as beacons of hope.
Our first memorial visit was after dark...
it was surprisingly quiet and still.
I walked through the gate,
stood in front of the Reflecting Pond with a catch in my throat...
to the right, the Field of Empty Chairs caught my eyes.
The lights filled my eyes with tears...

During that visit I met a K9 and his Trainer.
They were part of the Recovery Team after April 19, 1995 
and visiting the Memorial 
before leaving the following day as Rescuers for 911.

Pray for the safety of the Men, Women and Dogs 
who serve as Search and Rescue Teams!
Now I ask that we all pray for the families and friends of
the Boston Marathon Runners,
our law enforcement, the first responders,
those in the medical field and 
for those ordinary people who react 
when needed, for no other reason but 
to help!
God loves you and so do we!

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