Friday, April 19, 2013

Oy vay....

 Life can carry you away!  Right?
First, my hard drive with years of photos crashed
(maybe 85% was saved by a pro at
Quality PC in Tulsa, for only $230...worth every penny!) ,
then my dentist (one time visit last year) hits national news (here)
(my blood test came back normal - GOD IS GOOD!),
3 families (friends and 2-family - states apart) 
had major wrecks on the same weekend
(no one seriously hurt - again,thank you Lord!)
 I started having ocular migraines again (7 in last 45 days- 2 this week),...
just to name a few of the crazy things I'm dealing with these days!
So photography hasn't been on my priority list.

I've been reevaluating my life.
Trying to regroup and take care of what's really important...

My Hubineer suggested a drive in the convertible to a 
new to us, breakfast joint on Route 66, last Sunday...
there's nothing like heated seats and the top down,
crazy, but fun! 
Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK (here).
It's on the market. I hope someone buys it and keeps this place alive!
Great the apple wood bacon, whew, yum!!
 Fellow dinners were on the way to a muscle car rally in OKC, 
 ...getting artsy fartsy once again...
should of got a photo of my Hubineer drooling!
Stop the car!
I had to take some shots of this...
My maiden name is Turk.
And we stopped so I could talk to the owners.
There may be only 3 Turk families in my state of OK!
(None related.)
We were so close we drove on to
the round barn in Arcadia, OK. (Here)
 Love getting artsy fartsy!
 Upstairs listening to some bluegrass.
What great acoustics up there!
The antique farm tools were fun too.
 Crazy mold on some of the metal.
Did you know,
 I love peeling paint and rust...I bet you did!
Driving a little further we found
the Pop Stand (here) ...
bought a six pack of real cane sugar Dr Pepper!
Heavenly sipping on the return home...
We jumped on the turnpike and
rushed home to see the last day of the Masters.
Great day my friends!
"My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim,
 no meaning and yet I'm happy.  
I can't figure it out.  What am I doing right? 
~ Charles Schulz (the great cartoonist - Peanuts)
I'm doing good and count myself lucky
and I'm going to have a good day!
So you do the same friends...
Happy Click'n!

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