Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday ~ Pep Talk

"Pep Talk" for using manual settings...
From the introduction to "Beyond AUTO Mode"
by Jennifer Bebb. Love'n this book already!
 (Shot on AV - tulips backlit.
Semi-manual is a start, right?)
Remember:  Using your camera's automatic modes means giving up control of your photography.  To use your manual modes, you're making images with intention and purpose!

The camera doesn't care how your photograph looks, it simply uses a pre-determined formula that satisfies a set of criteria that likely has nothing to do with the photo you are creating.

Photography is not about the digital "fixing" you can do later, in post-editing, it's about getting it right every time you push the shutter.

Don't worry if you don't grasp everything at once!  Keep trying, learn and experiment with your camera!
My first official manual shots are yet to come...
Playing around with the AV setting, I found
focusing seems so much easier!
Today was a positive beginning to 
stepping away from the AUTO setting.
Happy Click'n!

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