Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baseball, kids and catching the action!

My grandnephews (is that right? anyway, that's what I call our
nephew's boys), who have provided opportunities 
to practice photographing action this Spring...
they have fun and so do I,
it's a win win!
Admittedly, I love watching them even when my camera rests!
My favorite shots so far this season, follow.
Scrabbling after Carson hit.
"I got it."
And he got it!
A catcher like his older brother.
Peyton has been catching for a few years.
I love the excitement!
They're growing up too fast!
 He got this kid out!
Our family is small in number,
but big with love!
These shots were taken with my Vivitar Series 1 Zoom 28-300 mm lens.
I had this lens first on my Canon Rebel film camera and it's
working great on my much newer digital camera (Canon EOS 60D).
I'm finally putting my zoom to use!
Some things I've learned...
(1)  set the camera on drive mode for continuous images
and the sports setting until I master manual,
(2)  use the circular polarizing filter for sunny days
and it helps immensely when shooting into the sun along with a hood,
(3)  you can't take too many shots!
(4)  change your advantage point, mix it up;
(5)  RELAX,  ENJOY yourself!!
Happy Click'n!

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  1. Kids sure do grow fast. I can't believe my 'baby' is 22! Wow, that makes me old! LOL!
    Great shots!
    xo Catherine


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