Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening gloves make great camera gloves!

If you don't want to see all the family project photos,
scroll to the bottom of this post to
see my "photo equipment find"...
My job for this project was to gather the parts for the "next step and stay ahead of the worker bees"! Before I left home, I checked the forecast and knew I should pack my new gardening gloves with the rubber palms because the temps were going to be low and Mother Nature my rain us out!
It was about 45 degrees outside, misty and it's always windy in Kansas, luckily these gloves kept my fingers warm and I was able to count, sort and pair (threading bolts and nuts together) the hardware for each step while wearing them.  For me, more important was I could operate my camera easily without feeling like I was going to drop my expensive camera! These gloves are stretchy and fit like a second skin.  A new staple for my camera bag!  You can find the "Wonder Grip" gloves (here) if you can't find them at your garden supply store.  They are priced under $10.00.  (I found a cheaper brand at WalMart, however they seem lighter weight which might not be as warm. I'm interested to see how they feel when the temps are closer to freezing. )
It was a cold and damp day...
I shivered for about 9 hours straight!
Okay, we did break for a quick lunch,
but that only made it feel colder outside!
As tired as I was at the end of the day,
it was all worth it ~
I had a good time and 
we made our grandsons pretty happy with the new play set!
Happy Click'n!

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