Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mecum Car Auction KC 2013

My Hubineer is crazy for Mecum Car Auction!
How do I feel about car auctions?
Somehow, being there live,
is a lot of fun...not so much when watched on TV though.)
Reflection on the highly polished chrome
of this Austin Healey.
My dream cars, back in my high school days,
hopped between this MG Motor (UK)
and this Triumph (British Motors).
Holy cow, I ran across this poster...
soon to be auctioned online at Mecum.
Somebody buy this for me?
Of the gazillion photos I snapped,
these were my favorite and
the best of the bunch.
After disappointing results on manual mode, I shot on Auto...
it was too bright in the showroom
and I had problems with the shakes.
I didn't bring my tripod once again,
because that would have been awkward.
Any suggestions for showroom situations?
Enjoy your day...
Happy Click'n!


  1. you can get a monopod stick, that is the size of an umbrella when not extended. i have shakes a lot, just the short part of it steadies my camera, i love it. use it in the back yard or anywhere. it hangs on my arm like an umbrella. only 15.00
    here is a post with a photo of it

    1. Wow, I will give the monopod a try! I love your post, such pretty lights, it looks like fun...Thank you Sandra!

  2. Those are some very shiny cars!!
    I am thinking perhaps a lens filter could help with the lighting?
    xo Catherine

    1. I hadn't even thought about a lens filter, I'll do some research. Thank you Catherine!


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