Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stormy Skies...

If you read my earlier post tonight,
you know I spent some time in the closet.
I herd the cats in there so we're ready if the
sirens blow...this is easier on our crazy cats!
 16 counties are reporting state of emergency
here in Oklahoma. 
 A few tornadoes touched down in the OKC area.
 The storms seemed to be heading towards BA...that's us!
 Luckily, things have died down and we just have
thunder storms and flash flood warnings now. 
So it seemed safe for me to go outside to take some photos.
Then I prayed for those who are affected by the tornadoes.
May the Lord watch over you tonight
and the days to come!


  1. This was my dilemma in visiting the South. Do I go during hurricane season or tornado season? I picked the latter for they don't last as long and cover a smaller area. Sinbad did not like the thunder one bit and nothing I could do would console him.

  2. Hi Millie, thanks for dropping by my site. It looks like we've been frequently looking at the skies. At my home in the province i have sunrises, while at the 5th Floor Window in the city i have all the sunsets. It looks like I've been watching the sun wherever i go. I hope all is well in your areas, i've seen the tornado on the news on TV.

  3. Very nice pictures, beautiful skies! regards

  4. glad you are safe, it made for beautiful photos

  5. Oh, Millie! I do hope you are safe tonight. We heard the reports on the news about the devastation of Moore. Don't know where you are in OK, but praying you and yours are safe and well.

    1. We're fine in Broken Arrow! The storm was headed towards us but luckily was down graded to a severe thunder storm warning by the time it reached us. My heart goes out to the OKC area! Two days in a row, unbelievable!


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