Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fireworks (Notes and Photos)

This post shows my notes and photos for a three
day experiment using the "B" (Bulb) mode while capturing fireworks ~  
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Canon 18-50mm
Cable Release and Tripod
Settings: ISO 100, f 7.1, NO FLASH, AF on

Setup = Position the tripod and camera aiming the lens where the fireworks will be in the sky.  When the fireworks start to launch, hold open the shutter. Let fireworks burst in the air and release the shutter to let it close.  Check your results and adjust your equipment if you need to.   

Internet links to more info regarding fireworks: Canon here, and more tips here.

July 4th (at Tulsa Driller game and fireworks) ~ fireworks above us.  Too close!
Above, captured a lantern (?) in this shot.
A surprise in the dark.
No definition to fireworks, just tracers.  
What a bummer! 

July 5th (Friday night fireworks at Tulsa Driller game) ~ 3 blocks away.
 The "bursts" are more defined.
Had trouble with my timing.
Above shot reminds me of jellyfish...
yeah, I also can see bunnies in the fluffy clouds 
during lazy afternoons.
 Better! (Above.)
Night shot of downtown Tulsa using "B" mode.
Love downtown at night!

July 6th (fireworks at Haskell/Bixhoma Lake) ~ about 5 or 6 blocks away from fireworks. Framing my shots was still a little difficult (they change the height of the fireworks). It's all in the timing.  Take lots of shots!
I'm already looking forward to fireworks next year.
Big THANKS to my Hubineer for escorting me to these festivities!
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