Wednesday, September 18, 2013


"When your cat acts aloof, ignores you, 
not in the mood for petting etc...
that's a cattitude!
Defined by Urban Dictionary.
I see it as just being a cat,
you cat owners know what I'm talking about.
Bogey Bear has a double dose of it!
Oops, he caught me...
It's so cute when cats sleep!
I had to get my macro lens out and try to capture Bogey's cuteness.
Bogey is a tuxedo with an actual cumberbun marking across his belly.
He fetches only blue toy mice, is handsome (I mean look at him!)
but like a lot of us has body issues...he's built like a dachshund and
a little on the fluffy side (pudgy).  Don't touch the belly!
A rescue group found him in a tree with a broken arm. 
Soon he developed respiratory problems. We adopted him
at about 4 months old, his chosen day is March 16th. Then at 7 months,
we almost lost him to the coronavirus...the vet
had diagnosed him with FIP and had given up on Bogey.
We gave up on THAT vet and found an amazing veterinarian
 that worked his magic on Bogey.
Bogey's now about 10 1/2 years old!
Here Bogey is helping me make jewelry...
yeah, he's a BIG help,
watch the beads fly!
Happy Click'n!


  1. Oh what a neat story. I don't think Sinbad has ever expressed Cattitude with me. Well, maybe once...or twice... Sinbad says "meow" to Bogey >^..^<

  2. Awww...Bogey is precious! He is black and white like my Rosie Girl and she loves to get in the middle of my crafts to "help" as well :) Thanks for sharing! Hugs


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