Monday, September 30, 2013

Dilemma...please help!

How do you store your photo files?
Hard drive or online storage or another way?

I suspected there was a problem with my external hard drive
and today, my Seagate external hard drive stopped working.
Another hard drive crash...the second failure in a year's time, geezzzz!

Give me a floppy drive! I never had a floppy disc loose data...
give me the "good old days"!

I need any advice you're willing to give.
Thank you!


  1. I store on external hard drives. Everything on my computer's hard drive is backed up on an external hard drive. And I have two external hard drives for those files that can't fit on my computer's hard drive. Each has the same files. So I maintain 2 copies of everything at all times. I have used the Seagate brand in the past. But I am currently using LaCie external hard drives and got them from B&H Photo in NY (via online order). It is important to not move the external hard drives while they are operating and make sure that they have space around them for cooling.

    There are many cloud services available, if you want to go that route. Based on my research, Crashplan and Livedrive have good, dependable services that are reasonably priced.

    Unfortunately, all digital storage can fail, including diskettes. Most external hard drives can be expected to operated without any problems for 3-5 years.

  2. That's horrible with your hard drives. What I do is store them on my hard drive, plus I have an account with Shutterfly and Drop Box, both free and I upload my files to their sites, just in case I have a hard drive crash, at least my photos will be accessible to me. You also could always put them on discs and save them that way. I hope this helps.


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