Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Reflections - On the road again

OK, so I shouldn't be click'n while driving...
crossing the line in more then one way!
An unplanned reflection on my hood.
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Don't you hate it when people drive and text?
Taking pictures is just as bad!
(This isn't something I normally do, I promise,
it really was my first time.
The trailer in front of me, belongs to my sister and brother-in-law,
and we're the only ones on this day driving along
 the Oklahoma panhandle, honest!)
(Here I've stopped on the shoulder
during the trip back home.)
Traveling reflections - I had a fun surprise when cars drove by
while I was trying to capture the reflection
in my side mirror, so I did a video next.
Happy Click'n, but not while driving ya'll!


  1. Great reflection...very nice scenery...

  2. Unplanned pictures are a joy to discover.

  3. That is a dangerous reflection (taking a pic while driving is a real peril...^^) ! But it was worth it : the sign looks great reflected on your shiny car !

  4. Creative reflections ~ enjoy your trip and be safe ~ carol, xo

  5. Hah! I've done the same thing. But it's worth it, to see your picture!


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