Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge ~ "Food"

This month's challenge  ~ "Food" ~
is the subject for "A Personal Photo Challenge" (here).
My version of Old Chicago's "Oh My Spaghetti Pie"!
(Taken with my iPhone. Recipe at the end of this post.)
The following are three food macros~
My gear, if not otherwise stated ~ 
camera is a Canon EOS 60D set on AF
a EOS Macro 100  mm lens 
and I use Adobe Elements 11 for processing.
If you are interested in joining "A Personal Photo Challenge", 
a link to Donna's blog is at the beginning of this post. 
Thank you Donna for hosting this great challenge!
A Personal Photo Challenge
I hope you will join us for these monthly challenges,
you're invited to hop over to the other participant's
blogs to see more photos.
Comments are always welcome! 
Photographing Food Tips for me To Remember:
1)  One of the best places to photograph food is by a window where there is plenty of natural light – perhaps supported with flash bounced off a ceiling or wall to give more balanced lighting that cuts out the shadows. This daylight helps to keep the food looking much more natural (more about light here).
2)  Food doesn’t keep it’s appetizing looks for long so as a photographer you’ll need to be well prepared and able to shoot quickly after it’s been cooked before it melts, collapses, wilts and/or changes color.  You can setup, check lighting and use a stand in before the food is ready to shoot.
3) Style it ~ presentation is important!!  Pay attention to the balance of food in a shot (color, shapes etc) and leave a way into the shot (using leading lines and the rule of thirds to help guide your viewer’s eye into the dish).  Interesting "Styling" tips here.
4) Enhance it ~  have some vegetable oil on hand and brush it over food to make it glisten in your shots.
5)  Generally getting down close to plate level (or slightly above it) instead of from above, but don't always rule this out either.
6)  Adding steam ~  microwaving water soaked cotton balls and placing them behind food. 
7) Use your tripod, and a shutter control attachment to prevent shakes...the time release setting is also available on most cameras!
8)  Food photo gallery and more tips here.
I've been known to photograph food when I'm traveling
or wanting to share a great recipe on FB or on my blog, 
and sometimes food has shown up as my subject in 
one of the macro memes where I participate.
But I've not really given it much thought as a passion for my photography,
though after reading the suggested links on APPC and finding a few of my own,
I will now view food photographs with an enlightened appreciation!
Happy Click'n!

Alfredo Baked Spaghetti Pie
1 box spaghetti
2 jars 16 oz Alfredo sauce (homemade would be best/suggested brand Bertolli Alfredo Sauce or your favorite)
1 cup Italian blend shredded cheese (used Crystal Farms 6 Cheese Italian)
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
½ cup sour cream 
½ cup cream cheese spreadable, softened
1 jar marinara spaghetti sauce

*  Preheat oven to 400; butter a DEEP pie pan.
*  Boil pasta to al dente (important because pasta continues to cook in oven), drain, then return to the pot.
*  Toss hot pasta with cream cheese (best to break up so it can melt easier) until melted, then add sour cream mixing well. 
*  To the spaghetti mixture add 1 cup of the Alfredo sauce, the shredded Italian cheese, and the Parmesan cheese.  
*  Transfer pasta to buttered baking dish; press pasta firmly into dish; smooth top of pasta.
*  Bake 20-30 minutes until bubbly, heat up the two sauces.  When done set aside for 5 minutes cut into slices like a pie.

*  Serve with a spoonful of heated Alfredo sauce over top of slice with a spoonful of  heated spaghetti sauce around the slice, sprinkle with more Parmesan cheese if you like.  Enjoy.  (6-8 servings.)


  1. You always give the best summaries for the various challenges! Thank you for that and for your faithful participation. I'm so happy to see that you also busted out a macro lens for this assignment. And those macro shots really do sing! I really like that pepper with the reflection underneath by the shiny surface (aluminum pan, perhaps?), and the bottom two are so colorful. The last one looks like an abstract with all those colors! It is such fun to see the wide variation on subject matter by everyone and your contributions expanded it even further. Wonderful job!

  2. Oh the last two are gorgeous! Great job! It all looks so good. I made baked spaghetti last night but I'll have to try your recipe sometime. Sounds amazing.

  3. Enticing food photos and great macro shots. I like the red pepper on the mirror, that was a good idea.

  4. I love Macro...Anything!! Your shots are beautiful. I enlarged them and wow, do they Sing with color!

  5. The pepper ring is great! How did you do that?? It looks like it is suspended in mid-air - very cool! And the color on the pineapple (is it?) is gorgeous.

  6. Your shots are great. I love the macro of the pepper. So artsy.

  7. That recipe sounds yummy. My, I had no idea that a macro shot of a red pepper would have such beautiful design and colors.

  8. How nice of you! You even gave us the recipe! I love your photos for the challenge...especially the last one! It's so interesting and has such beautiful colors! Enjoy your week!


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