Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good News on Katie!

For some reason, Katie doesn't shy from the iPhone camera (taken today).
When you take out the BIG gun, Katie disappears.
Katie and Bogey (here) are BFF's. 
Some days they are brother and sister, other days they're
like Romeo and Juliet...
I adopted Bogey first along with another cat, Buster, who
had kidney disease and had to be put down not too long after the adoption.
While on our annual visit to the local Humane Society, I found Katie in the cat room.
(At Christmas time instead of doing the Angel Tree we
help the Humane Society.)
 Katie had been a too young, unwed momma and
had a horrible upper respiratory problem when the
Humane Society found her.
Well, despite my efforts not to, somehow I fattened her up.
She is a "fluffy" girl! (Hanging my head...sigh.)
Last Friday she started vomiting,
having diarrhea, and quit eating, which is so not like her.  The worse part,
she was hiding, which is not a good sign. Then when she acted like
I was hurting her when I tried to pick her up, I
knew it was time to get her help.
To make a long story short,
this girl was tested for pancreatitis...
we got the results of the test today...
Katie doesn't have it! 
We got happy feet!
The Vet thinks she might have IBS
and we're going to treat her for that,
then put her on a diet...don't tell her though!
Happy Click'n!


  1. Oh my, I hoped that is all it is and she will be fine. You feel so helpless when they are sick, especially when they look to you to make it all better.

  2. Oh good news!! It is simply a worry when our kitties get sick. Banjo has IBS and with the right food we got that under control. And now with his pancreatic levels we have hopefully nipped that in the bud with medication as well.
    Hooray for kitties feeling good!
    xo Catherine

  3. Such cute kitties! I'm so glad that it isn't something serious and can be treated with some TLC and diet.


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