Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day!

This veteran made it home
after serving in World War II...
Thank goodness or I wouldn't be here!
He was the best Dad ever!
We visited Washington DC last June
and really enjoyed visiting the WWII Memorial.
My post here.
In the above photo, we were at the Vietnam Memorial...
my husband was helping and a Vet who was paying his respects to 
some of his war buddies.
I was around during that war,
I was a senior in high school when the US withdrew in 1973
and I still feel guilty for the way our soldiers were treated when they returned!
Not that I demonstrated or did anything disrespectful,
I was just too young and indifferent to the situation and I regret that!
Let's try to show our appreciation today
and everyday to those who serve our country,
whether it's in the military, police force or the fire department, etcetera,
lets give them our thanks and respect!
Shake their hand if nothing else...
Lets never forget their sacrifices!


  1. My husband and I were married in 1972. I remember him flying in to San Diego from Viet Nam...he was spit on and treated horribly by the hippies...Sickening!
    Bless All Vets!!!

  2. I had an interesting revelation a week or so ago. I was reading an article where the author felt there was evidence that Adolph Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun did not die in 1945 but may have escaped to South America whereas Hitler lived on into his late 70's dying in 1964 (or something like that). Anyway since this article contained a date I could relate to (1964) I gave it more thought about how much time had elapsed from his death (1945) and my birth 1948. Only 3 years! Thinking about it a bit more, when I began grammar school, the end of World War II was less than 10 years. To think back when the World Trade Center was attacked is more than 10 years now but seems not so long ago to us. So I grew up in a time when the world's greatest war had to of been so very fresh in the minds of my parents and grandparents but I never saw it in their faces or way of living life. What bothered me most about this was that it took me nearly 65 years to realize this. Oh well. I'm glad your dad made it home safely.

    I accidently hit delete on this comment in blogger ...thank goodness this comment was also in my inbox/email account and I could cut and paste this comment! From "Sinbad and I on the Loose"
    Too much caffeine today!!

  3. I have visited the Vietnam wall memorial and it is a very sobering tribute. I didn't do any photos on that trip. Sometime we plan to go back after there is another administration. God bless our veterans!


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