Friday, January 10, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge ~ Shadow Play

This month's challenge  ~ "Shadow Play" ~
is the subject for "A Personal Photo Challenge" (here).
 "Shadows may either take center stage and command your attention, or else they may complement the subject matter. You have the freedom to decide if you want shadows to have starring or supporting roles in your images."
What a bad time for me to have such a fun and interesting
theme for this challenge, you know?
The "Winter Vortex" has really got us Okies hiding
 in the house these days, huddling by the fire, if we got one.
I did try to venture out a time or two when I spied the sun out...
but my creativity froze each time! (I'm not use to 7 degrees!)
I call this "cat on table"...he, he...
(Metal sculpture on the table ~ my pets stayed inside.)
Most the time the sun has not been casting any shadows...
So I dug into my files and found this one taken
when it was a pleasure to go outside!
My gear, if not otherwise stated ~ 
camera is a Canon EOS 60D set on AF
if not otherwise stated,
Canon lens EFS 18-135mm
and I use Adobe Elements 11 for processing.
If you are interested in joining "A Personal Photo Challenge", 
a link to Donna's blog is at the beginning of this post. 
Thank you Donna for hosting this great challenge!
A Personal Photo Challenge

I hope you will join us for these monthly challenges,
you're invited to hop over to the other participant's
blogs to see more photos.
Comments are always welcome! 
I'm looking forward to see every one's posts
and I wish us all better weather...
stay warm friends!
Happy Click'n!


  1. Clever cat photo, and it looks like you might be checking your mailbox? Good shadow pictures,

  2. Great shadow photos! Thanks for visiting.

  3. I like both of these. They are very artistic.

  4. I'm glad you found a few shadows. I had to convert your 7 degrees to Celsius -- yep, that's cold. Enjoy your fire.

  5. The cat....funny. I'm glad you keep your real one inside. It's been horribly cold. Great shots!

  6. The winter has been a cold one here in Canada too. We're used to cold winters but not THAT cold. ;) Glad you were able to find a couple of shadows to shoot in spite of the weather.

  7. I don't blame you for hiding inside the past couple of weeks, LOL! The cat on the table composition is quite funny. It's quite an artsy shot with all those shadows and lines going on. And the second one is a silhouette shot with a lot of visual interest. As always, thanks for participating!

    You will have many chances to incorporate shadows into your compositions throughout the year, even though the challenge subject matter will change. All of the skills we are learning and practicing should be building up, ready for us to access like a toolbox.

  8. Love the way the shadows show up on the bricks and seeing a shadow of yourself and being able to capture it is a challenge in itself. Hope the temps have moderated and you have a nice weekend!

  9. You had me with the cat! Ha! It was a challenge to find a nice day for this month's challenge. That vortex!

  10. Millie these are two great shadow examples!
    Your cat on the table was just waiting for you to come out and take this shot - I hope you didn't get too cold in the process!
    Donna is doing such a great job at s t r e t c h i n g our creativity behind the lens - it's fun to learn from a professional!
    I'm so glad you joined us.
    Keep warm and cosy over the weekend!

  11. Great shots and I love the "Cat on Table"!

  12. The first photo is interesting with the juxtaposition of the shadow against the lines in the brickwork. And the second one reminds me of when I was a kid and slightly scared of my big, tall shadow! I admire you for even attempting to shoot photos during the big freeze - I didn't poke my nose out in our 6-below temps!

  13. Well done! I just joined in the photo challenge and I'm working my way through the links. Hopefully next month will be better for shooting outdoors. Even here in Tennessee it was 2 degrees the other night. I'm glad the cold air is going back where it belongs! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to future posts.

  14. I'm Loving the kat photo!!Hahaaa...I KNOW it must have been cold!
    Love the shots!!

  15. Great "cat" photo. Brrr. Such cold days. Here on the west coast we've skipped most of that, but it's sure been rainy. Hard to find shadows. I like all the angles of the shadows in your photos.


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