Friday, December 12, 2014

My First 5K race at the Tulsa Run!

October 25th was unusually warm,
making the day perfect for my first 5K.
(Training for this run posted here.)
I'm so happy to check off my first 5K!
And I'm pleased with my results considering there were
 more hills then I expected and the last K was all up hill!
The Final Stats reflected a typo 
and I got moved down a position to 12th out of 40 in my Div. F60-64
...glad they found the error cause the other runner was
reported 12th and really 7th place.
The cutoff was 10th place to have your name in the Tulsa World.
Next year!
Except for forgetting to check my camera for the memory card,
this was a perfect day. (Thank goodness for cell phones!)
I don't always have my camera bag or purse with me
so this is a great idea ~
This is a SD memory card holder which could hold 
a backup card and could easily attached to a key chain
or your camera strap (here 12/12/14 UPDATE
I learned this isn't made anymore for the size I use,
but there are other systems available just google).
Think I may give this a try!
Happy Click'n!


  1. congratulations on being 12th... i can barely walk so that is a big deal to me... thanks for your comments today. Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you! It would be hard to have mobility problems. I know several people who do, so I'm thankful each day that I'm able to do what I do.

  2. Congratulations on your first race. It's fun running with so many other people isn't it? Going to go for a 10K next?

    1. No plans yet for longer distance, I'm really happy with this distance and plan to continue to running. I hope to do this 5K again next year.


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