Sunday, January 11, 2015

5 Resolutions for 2015

Rather then resolutions, I like to think of these as goals and practices for 2015
(Took this with my iPhone because of these cheerful colors
and I love the buns.)
1)  Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life. Get in the shots too!
(Hubby took this of me shooting the grandkids,
 with his iPhone while they were twirling on
the carousel at BassPro.
I feel dizzy when I look at this...)
2)  Print your photos, they will make you and your guests happy.
3)  Never hoard your photographic insight ~ share it with the world.
4)  Learn more about RAW and get off Auto Focus more often.
5)  Go outside & shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums and your nose in photography magazines.
(Taken  with iPhone NYE on our walk between dinner
and dessert at Bricktown, in OKC.)
I plan to go out there, make some great shots, 
learn from the failures, and have fun  
Click'n My Camera in 2015! 

Happy New Year and 
Happy Click'n!


  1. all of this makes great sense to me except the one about me being in the photo becuase if that happens it ruins my day when i see what i really look like.

    1. I agree Sandra, I hate to have my photo taken too, but I want to get over that feeling.


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