Friday, February 27, 2015

Orange You Glad It's Friday ~ Oranges!

Last May, on a whim, I purchased an orange tree.
Oranges, being one of my favorite fruits,
seemed like a fun thing to try growing
and a little nuts if you live in Oklahoma, like we do.
Our tree produced flowers right away.
Surprisingly, fruit followed even though I have "brown" thumbs.
Bringing the tree indoors before the first frost wasn't a problem.
Now it's late February, and the fruit are still turning orange
but have yet to be sweet.
I decided to harvest the fruit and give this lovely tree a rest.
I found some orange tree fertilizer and
gave it a dowse, hoping this will help sweeten the next crop!
This is my shots for "Orange you glad it's Friday"
 (visit this great website here).
“Photography is truth.”  — Jean-Luc Godard
Happy Click'n!


  1. How cool is that!! Never saw an orange tree indoors before...

  2. oh yum and growing inside, did not know they would bear fruit in doors. i would like a lemon tree

  3. Congrats of being an orange producer :)

  4. I thought i might try growing a lemon tree, we are in a cooler climate, I never even gave an orange tree a thought. You got a good crop from such a little tree.


  5. I once had a little tiny orange tree and loved it. I kept it indoors (Quebec) and it yielded oranges for several years. Your tree is beautiful!

  6. Thanks for joining. Your photo will be featured on OYGIF this weekend. Hope you could drop by.

    1. Great news, thank you so much. I will be dropping by! ;)


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