Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Flickr's PhotoChallenge: Architecture/Doorways

Yesterday I found a Flickr group called PhotoChallenge.org (here).
Each Sunday a new theme is announced, and
this week it is "Architecture - Doorways".
Their blog is linked here, which gives some examples
and explanations if you would like to check it out.  
 My personal challenge is that I'm house bound this week.
We finally got our SUV into a body shop to fix it 
after a semi truck backed into me.

(No joke, he backed into me. Guess you could say
I was front-ended.  I was able to get my SUV into
reverse in the nick of time and didn't get run over.
We drove like that for about a block...luckily no one was hurt.
It was like a nightmare...enough said.)

My only choice of subject was our own house,
as I didn't feel comfortable nosing around my neighbor's homes.
Above is one of our garage doors, and
below is our front door.
Getting a little desperate and feeling artsy,
I took the abstract below of  indoor adjoining doorways.
Yesss, that is 1990's wallpaper...one of my many projects
is to remove it.  Though, I like the stripes in this photo, 
I think it adds some interest to the shot especially in black and white.
These shots were taken with my Canon 60D camera and
 the lens is a Canon ES-F 18-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS.
Happy Click'n!


  1. very cool garage doors you have! glad you were not hurt by the semi and hope your vehicle can be fixed well.

  2. i like all three, i think the last one is my favorite Artsy one... can't believe you found all this at home. there is nothing in or out of my house that the word architecture fits.. think concrete bunker.

  3. i think you did really well and I too like that 3rd photo.
    Hope you get your wheels back before too long.


  4. I hope that you got the SUV fixed - yikes! I think my heart would have been going pitter patter. Love your garage doors! Beautiful! And I really liked all of the angles in the last photo. Wonderful job in framing out the photo.


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