Sunday, April 5, 2015

Macro Love ~ Baseball

The official Opening Day in the USA for Major League Baseball is April 6th. 
 In honor of that Flickr's Macro Monday theme this week is Baseball,  
"America’s favorite pastime." 
 We must try to capture the sport and/or spirit of the game 
for this challenge in a macro form.

This was a tough one, as our nephew wasn't playing 
this weekend because it's Easter and my initial ideas involved
an actual game. 
I found this old, not forgotten, wooden baseball bat under our bed,
(oh hush, that's where my husband put it)
a warn KC Royals baseball cap and a Sport's Illustrated for a backdrop.
My first shot shows a "six" on the base of the bat,
representing opening day and I used patriotic colors - red, white and blue,
for "America's favorite pastime".
In my second shot, I used autumn colors and zeroed in
on the writing on the bat ...Little League, Mantle Style, Hand Rubbed.
This one is my favorite, reminding me of simpler times.
Growing up in the '50-60's...the neighborhood kids, 
all ages, boys and girls, playing baseball at the empty lot down the street.
Good times, great memories!
Flickr's Macro Mondays theme  ~ "From the Top"! (here)

And I'm sharing with my 
other favorite Macro groups:
 "Macro Monday 2" a Monday photo gallery (here),
and a Sunday photo gallery called "i heart macro" (here).
"Things could be worse.  Suppose your errors were counted and
published every day, like those of a baseball player!"  ~ Unknown
Happy Click'n!


  1. Intriguing details of the baseball bat. Love the background too in the second image.

  2. I like the warm tones in that second image.

  3. These are fun photos! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

  4. A Royals fan with some great shots!

  5. Not a huge baseball fan here, but I do like your vignettes.


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