Sunday, April 12, 2015

Macro Love ~ Shadows!

Today Flickr's Macro Monday theme is "It's all about the shadow".
I spent a few hours playing around with shadows,
creating them and studying them. 
I lit the above shot from the side making little diamond shaped light
and highlighting the texture of this copper napkin holder.
My second shot is softer, almost looks like a painting.
I used back lighting to create a shadow in front of the copper leaf.

Probably what took me so long was the fact
I was playing around with the manual camera settings.
What a thrill when I found the right combination!
Flickr's Macro Mondays theme  ~ "From the Top"! (here)

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“What would your good do if evil didn't exist,
 and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?” 
― Mikhail Bulgakov
Happy Click'n!
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Notes and thoughts about "shadows"  from the internet~

Light is nothing without shadows.  It is the shadows that shape the light, draw attention to the light, and integrate with the light to produce striking photographic opportunities.

Reading the light is only half the challenge — one must also learn to read the shadows.

 Five uses of shadows in creating dynamic photos:
  • Contrast and Drama...People’s attention is automatically drawn to areas of high tonal contrast.
  • Focus...The shadows help focus the viewer’s attention by removing detail from the less important parts of the image. 
  • Directing the Attention...When a shaped shadow points to the center of interest in a photo, the shadow will direct the viewer’s attention to the center of interest. 
  • Revealing Form...This often involves the sun, at a low angle to the horizon, casting long shadows across the terrain. Any irregularities in the shape of the subject or terrain will be magnified. 
  • Revealing Texture...the photographer moves in close to emphasize the texture of an object rather that the form..
Great online articles:

Ideas for shadows
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  1. I love the first one. i like to play with macro by sitting things in the sun beams that come in the windows in different spots each day. i would never have guessed what the leaf is. beautiful, keep playing and sharing

  2. I really love the sharp shadows in the top image.


  3. they are both pretty, but I think i like the first one best.

  4. Very pretty napkin holder! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥


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