Thursday, April 23, 2015

Photo Project 1 ~ Abstract Art

After cruising a few bookstores looking for inspiration to guide me through exploring creativity in photography I found the following book, which looked exactly what I had in mind:
The A-Z of Creative Photography~The Complete Guide to More Than 70 Creative Techniques by Lee Frost (from Amazon here).  The first theme is Abstract Art, which I'm only now actually appreciating, especially in paintings. Some early experimenting with my iPhone got me looking at my surroundings in different ways.  (This is a wonderful link about using your iPhone to produce abstract photos and tips that can be applied to SLR use.)
(Feeling a little like Warhol... a corner of my husband's office.)
(Window frame looking through glass.)
(Stopped at a quick mart to shoot portion of their sign.)

New and old abstracts taken with my SLR, below.
(Photo shot through glass goblet onto a greeting card,
originally posted in Feb. 2013.)
(Adjoining doorways in black and white.)
(Out of focus macro shot.)
I hope to eventually work through all these exercises and techniques. If you would like to share a link to an abstract post you've made, please share the link in the comments below! 
*****   Abstract Photography Notes   *****
10 Things to look for when taking abstract photos:
1. Choose strong shapes
2. Get up close
3. Use color to grab attention
4. Seek out texture
5.Look for repeating patterns
6. Use lines and curves
7. Photograph reflections
8. Shoot through another object
9. Capture shadows
10. Blur your images

Impressive photo galleries:

Online links to articles:

My older abstract post here and similar photos here.
*****  *****  *****  
“The camera is an instrument that teaches 
people how to see without a camera.”  — Dorothea Lange
Happy Click'n!


  1. LOVE the quckmart and the goblet. i never liked abstract until i started watching Colorsplash on HGTV and his paintings i loved.. then i started to pay attention and found i like a lot of them. i would hang either of these two on my wall... saving your post for future use.

    1. Thank you Sandra! Just in case you or anyone else wants to refer to my notes in the future, I do have a page called "Tip Guide" (under heading) which lists similar types of posts. Enjoy your day!

  2. On a rainy day once sure can have fun inside. Thanks for sharing.


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