Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rain, rain, go away!

Last Friday I road along with my husband to a nearby town
to have lunch at a drive-in famous for old fashioned hamburgers.
Hubby had a meeting with the Mayor after lunch,
so I sat out in the truck to wait.
My only entertainment was my iPhone.
We had the worse down pour I've ever seen!
The alley view through the windshield was surreal
and made an interesting abstract.
My husband is a Civil Engineer. He was asked to go check
on a bridge that is being washed away from all the rain we've had
this month.
My husband is under my wimpy umbrella talking to big burly men.
Afterwards he said he was going to keep his big manly 
golf umbrella in his vehicle from now on. 
Am I bad because I laughed?
I tweaked the color and light for the following shot...
it reminds me of Seurat's paintings style (dots).
The majority of these homes are on the verge of being flooded.
Thank goodness we are suppose to have a break in the rain
for a few days.
I hope we see the sun!
Happy Click'n!


  1. I do hope you get a break with the rain. LOVE the affect on the last photo.

  2. I like your rain photo's. And yes, a man umbrella is probably a good idea for your hubby just now. :)



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