Friday, May 22, 2015

Orange you glad it's Friday ~ Robin Family

I'm a newbie birdwatcher and only know the basic of birds.
After filling the bird feeders I sat for a while with camera
in hand hoping to catch anything besides the pesky sparrows.
Finally, a robin family appeared...
a sparrow "photo bombed" this shot, gezz... 
One of the parents fetched a worm for the baby.
Sweet little baby.
The other parent kept an eye on the surroundings.
Pretty soon they noticed the paparazzi and disappeared.
If you have any tips to attract songbirds, Cardinals and other pretty birds,
please share your advice, it would be appreciated!
Thank you and enjoy Memorial Day weekend!
Orange you glad it's Friday? (Here)
I am!
Happy Click'n!


  1. I'd say you are enjoying a good start to your new hobby. Excellent telephoto shots..congrats.

  2. lovely robins. cute little sparrow laid out on the fence. :)

    1. I thought the little one was a Robin much to learn!

  3. Beautiful American Robin, lovely dovely.

  4. Always fun to photograph a new 'subject' and enjoy observing and learning. Lovey photos.

  5. Beautiful photos! Thanks for joining OYGIF. One of your photos will be featured this weekend. Hope you could drop by.

    1. Wow, I'm honored and look forward to visiting! Thank you!


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