Monday, July 6, 2015

Photo Contests

Winning Digital Photo Contests, by Jeff Wignall 

I have a copy of  "Winning Digital Photo Contests" by Jeff Wignall, which I found interesting and encouraging.  I wish it would be updated so the suggested contests were current, until then I'm keeping a list on this post for future reference of photo contests, which will be added to one of the pages (Tip Guide) above.

I found this list of important tips to remember when considering entering a photo contest, here

Some websites that list upcoming contests:
1) Amateurs Photography News offers this list, here.
2) Photo Contest Insider offers this list, here.
3) I Shot It, The Best Photo Competition, here. (Most contests
 have small fee, entered one pet contest $3.)
4), here. (Currently test driving the free membership,
 entered two free contests.)

If you know of other contest sources please make a comment
 below or comment on your experiences entering contests, thank you!

Happy Click'n!

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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I found this post of yours rather fascinating, I might have to give it a try...I love the little bubbles in your images.


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