Sunday, July 5, 2015

Photo Project 2 ~ Architecture

If you are familiar with my blog you might have seen, a couple months ago,
that I'm trying to work through a book titled
The A-Z of Creative Photography~
The Complete Guide to More Than 70 Creative Techniques 
by Lee Frost (from Amazon here).  The first theme was "Abstract Art"
 which I experimented with here. I finally got around, this weekend,
to finish up the second theme which is "Architecture".
The above shot was taken at night during a walk to a concert down town.
Last night we ate dinner outside at Los Cabos
and I played around with my iPhone a bit.
I overexposed the above shot and changed the coloring to sepia. 
 This morning I tempted my husband to breakfast out
and asked him to stop by the fairgrounds so I could 
snap a few photos of the Expo Square Pavilion. 
I love the angles, arches and textures of this old building
designed in PWA Art Deco style.
We grew up seeing the Ice Capades, concerts and rodeos
in this beloved building. 
After breakfast we went down town...
 This is an alley I might NOT walk down.
The building on the right is where I worked
nearly 40 years ago. 
Before I knew it was late morning and the sun was getting too bright
so I took my last few shots before calling it a day.
My following shots are my favorite for today's outing.
I love the clouds reflection in the above shot,
and the colorful kites, below.
Honestly, I'm glad to wrap this project up.
Architectural photography is not my thing which
is sad and odd because if I had it to do again I would
study to become an architect.  Crazy!

 If you would like to share a link to "an architectural photo post you've made", 
please share the link in the comments below! 
I would love to see them.
*****   Photography Notes   *****

10 Tips for Architectural Photography:
1)  Be sensitive to the direction of light. Whereas frontal lighting makes a building look flat and lifeless, side lighting brings out detail and emphasizes texture.

2)  Experiment with lenses.  Telephoto lenses tend to flatten perspective, whereas wide-angle optics exaggerate it.  Use this to your advantage and shoot the same building in different styles to learn each approach.

3)  Shoot at night. Use long exposures and a tripod for the best picture quality, and take a meter reading from the dusky sky to start with; don't be afraid to bracket your exposures.  The half-hour just before and just after sunset are the best times to shoot.

4)  Always consider the details.  Explore these details with a telephoto lens, contrasting them with other parts of the structure if possible.  Go for doorways, window frames, ornaments, roofs, etc. and concentrate on the patterns made by these lines, shapes and textures.

5)  Take your time.  Return if needed.

6)  Look for repeating patterns.

7)  Create impact with your composition.  If there are many lines withing the scene, frame them so they run off into the corners.

8)  Look out for contrast.  Throw a curved element into a picture full of straight lines and angles, break up symmetry or inject a small amount of bright color into an otherwise muted scene.

9)  Color or black and white? Mono chrome works very well when you are trying to emphasize the lines and shapes of a building; color is better when looking at a structure in the context of its surroundings.

10)  Try to find a unique view.  Always have a good look around a location and explore new vantage points with different lenses. Think about cropping to new aspect ratios, or using negative space for new and unusual compositions.

Online links to articles:
16 tips for shooting abstract architecture photography
How to Photograph Architecture (Exterior) (plus gallery)
9 Architectural Photography Tips
A great Abstract Architecture photo gallery can be found here .
*****  *****  *****  
"Be passionate. Also, take loads of photographs and analyze 
and review them so you can reach the stage where you don't have
 to take so many photos to capture that one, magical shot."
 - Morley Von Sternberg.
Happy Click'n!


  1. I am really enjoying your post on what you find in the book, keep them coming. i have two that i will share and and
    sorry i got carried away.... this last one is my label for the CaZaDan home

    1. Thank you Sandra for sharing your posts, I enjoyed looking at them. I love the older buildings and homes and especially the mansion...Enjoy your week!


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