Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Selfies ~ Mom!

One morning last week I heard Mom in the kitchen
laughing really loud, so I went in to see about it.
Before I knew it, 
she slapped this thing on my head...
good lord, what is it?
Mom Trumped me!
Have you heard about "Trump your cat" (here)?
Well, I got Trumped and needed to share 
the humiliation with a selfie.
Sheesh, its a good thing I'm so good natured or I'd bite someone!

No cats were harmed, just abused (not really) with love...
Katie got brushed and her favorite treat beforehand
then loved on and tuna for dinner!  She's the best cat ever!
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If we treated everyone we meet with the same
 affection we bestow upon our favorite cat, they, too, would purr.
~  Martin Delany
Happy Click'n!


  1. You are very sweet to allow yourself to be trumped especially after his most recent comments.You do look cute though.

    1. Up until Trump opened his mouth recently I sort of felt sorry for him and the hair police making fun of him but not now.

  2. HAH! Now you got TW thinking and I’m thinking she better not. You Katie looks a bit like me. You should join our #52Snapshots weekly photo challenge hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull.

  3. The indignity! You do look cute though.

  4. Oh dear, and I though I was so good looking before this. One very patient cat to stay still with a Trump- toupee on!!!

  5. What did your mummy do?! How terrible! A fur ball on your head! She is lucky that you didn't do anything in return... Xanthe and Nishiko xxx


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