Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our World Tuesday ~ Super Full Moon

Last Night the Super Full Moon brightened up all Our Worlds.
If you've seen my blog from 9/16/16 (here) you know I've been trying to 
capture shots of the Full Moons.
On our way home Sunday I took this from an empty lot
in a nearby gated community with my iPhone. 
I couldn't get in last night so I drove to a nearby hill
to see the Super Full Moon.
Looking over our hometown of Broken Arrow, OK
the Moonrise was around 5:53 PM.
People were gathering, like me, about an hour before the Moonrise.
I felt a little like I was in the remake of the
 "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
 Our sky was a bit cloudy so the moon weaved
between the wispy clouds.
 You can see the beautiful orange of this rare site.
So glad I took my camera out last night because this
site won't happen again until  November 25, 2034.
To learn more about the Full Moons see this website. 
The next Full Moon is December 13, at 6:09PM.
I took this before leaving my spot on the hill.
Once I got home, I was pleased to see I got the night
traffic car lights on the road below...another first for me!
Hopefully, you got to see the Super Full Moon too!
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A piece of my world,
come join the party...
Happy Click'n!


  1. That was amazing yesterday!!!! We saw it too. I really like the beautiful pictures you took. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Lovely shots, I especially like the second one bathed in red.

  3. I also like the second one. The moon has been so beautiful!

  4. They are so wonderful, beautiful in red, Awooooo! I was not lucky as only bright clouds with the moon teasing to come out was seen. I brought 2 cameras and tripod to the only clearing in between our condo buildings, waited for more than 1 hour to clear, but clouds always move faster than the moon. I ended up with more Awooo shots!


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