Tuesday, April 30, 2013

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday ~ Week 18

Portraits are sooo difficult for me...
It's so hard to get in sync with the child (adults too),
trying to position myself while snaking through
all the parents and grandparents, makes me crazy,
so I can capture a decent shot!
I learned so much from a pro recently,
while we had our family portraits 
professionally taken a couple months ago!
Though the tips are hard to put into action
when you are wrestling for position
and the child's face is moving constantly!
I'm pleased I got this one
for Sweet Shot Tuesday this week!
One of the sweetest faces in our family...
Kent Weakley at "Photography Essentials" (here) is sponsoring P52!

The premise is to post your favorite or best photo each week on Kent's website,
link to your post and comment on other photographer's posts.  What a great way to 
network in the photography blogosphere, learning and sharing as you go!
 “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” 
– Edward Steichen
Happy Click'n!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Flickr Macro Monday = Mailboxes

I'm trying to spend more time on my photography,
though after returning from a weekend visiting family out of state,
I didn't have much time to plan for this Flickr Macro Monday
challenge "mailboxes" (here).
My mailbox above...
too much natural light this morning,
so many shots were washed out,
but should I REALLY complain after the 
cold snap and a week's worth of rain we've been having?
 Looking inside the mailbox,
I saw possibility in an abstract shot.
 These are countersink holes for the bolts.
 Anyway, lets see if these macros get kicked off this week ...
it will be my own fault for waiting till 
the last minute to work on this challenge!
Do these countersinks "scream" mailbox?
I don't think so...
Nevertheless, check out the great macros on Flickr!
"The only real progress lies in learning to be wrong all alone."
~ Albert Camus
Happy Click'n!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Macro Love

I found my clematis blooming this week, so I
made a new header for my blog and
submitted a macro to a couple memes today!
Don't you just love Spring and 
all the new growth in our gardens?
This macro was shared with
"Macro Monday" a Monday photo gallery
 (here) at Lisa's Chaos blog.
"Live out of your imagination, not your history".
~ Arthur Bryan
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gaggle of Geese...

In the old days, when I was working with my husband,
I would go out to job sites and take photos for
proposals, records and marketing purposes.
Well, my Hubineer asked me for a favor this morning,...
I forgot how much I enjoyed those times, being outside,
talking to locals and running into new friends.
I met some geese and had time to take pictures of them.
Back in the day, I would be in a hurry running back to the office.
I love geese,
especially when they fly over our house honking
and seeing them hanging out around the pond in back of our house...
It cracks me up when I find them in our yard;
I don't know why, it just does!
The ones around our neighborhood aren't this friendly though.
Their mascot is a Mallard duck or
maybe he doesn't know he is a duck.
Do you smell weed?
This guy does.

Enjoy your day!
Happy Click'n!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Basic Manual Guidelines

My memory is as long as this geranium stock is tall!
So, I thought I would post a quick manual mode guide for 
reference out in the field...
cause I've always got my smart phone.
(It's not so scary, now that I've actually shot
something on the manual mode!
ISO 100, f2.8, 125)
1)  Choose Your ISO (sensitivity of the digital sensor)
*  ISO 100 - bright sunny day
*  ISO 400 - daylit room or overcast day
*  ISO 800 - dimly lit room
*  ISO 1600 - darker scene

2)  Choose Your Aperture (size of the lens opening)
*  f/2.8 to f/5.6 - portraits
*  f/8 to f/16 - landscapes

3)  Choose Your Shutter Speed (how long the shutter is open)
*  1/30 to 1/250 - your subject is not moving
*  1/250 and above - your subject is moving
"Growth itself contains the germ of happiness. " 
~ Pearl S. Buck
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Thursday ~ Pep Talk

"Pep Talk" for using manual settings...
From the introduction to "Beyond AUTO Mode"
by Jennifer Bebb. Love'n this book already!
 (Shot on AV - tulips backlit.
Semi-manual is a start, right?)
Remember:  Using your camera's automatic modes means giving up control of your photography.  To use your manual modes, you're making images with intention and purpose!

The camera doesn't care how your photograph looks, it simply uses a pre-determined formula that satisfies a set of criteria that likely has nothing to do with the photo you are creating.

Photography is not about the digital "fixing" you can do later, in post-editing, it's about getting it right every time you push the shutter.

Don't worry if you don't grasp everything at once!  Keep trying, learn and experiment with your camera!
My first official manual shots are yet to come...
Playing around with the AV setting, I found
focusing seems so much easier!
Today was a positive beginning to 
stepping away from the AUTO setting.
Happy Click'n!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Facing your fears...

I'm trying to face my fears of manual camera settings and purchased a book titled "Beyond AUTO Mode - A Guide to Taking Control of Your Photography"  by Jennifer Bebb.  This new book is out at the book stores and can also be found at Amazon.com (here).
Getting off of AUTO is a real phobia for me...
sincerely, I'm nervous about doing this! 
 I'm hoping this book maybe the trick 
for me to experience ALL the settings on my camera...
and if it goes well, I'll blog about my experience.
Wish me luck!
Happy Click'n!

Friday, April 19, 2013

OKC National Memorial

What a shock to turn on the TV this week
and hear about the bombing in Boston...

Today is the anniversary of the Murray Building Bombing (here).
18 years ago...

I've been a runner, off and on, mainly off,
for the past 22 years.  I dreamed of
running in the Boston Marathon.
 I may never be good enough runner to do that,
but I would hope, this tragedy doesn't stop
you from your dream to run next year!
So many dreams were shattered on April 15th in Boston,
too many lives lost and people hurt...
I have shed tears for them all,
like the world did for OKC on April 19, 1995!
I didn't get around to posting my last trip
 to the OKC Memorial so here goes...
It's a solemn place...
the "Reflecting Pool" and one of the "Gates of Time",
a message left,
view of the Journal Record Building,
and the Survivor Tree.
"The spirit of this city and this nation will not be 
defeated our deeply rooted faith sustains us."
The Field of Empty Chairs...
Each of the 168 chairs symbolize a life lost, with smaller
chairs representing the 19 children killed.
Arranged in nine rows, one for each of the nine floors
of the building, they are placed according to the floor on
which those killed were working or visiting.
(Above - View from the Survivor Tree.)
Each bronze and stone chair rests on glass base etched
with the name of a victim.  By day, the chairs seem to float above 
their translucent bases.  By night, the glass
bases illuminate as beacons of hope.
Our first memorial visit was after dark...
it was surprisingly quiet and still.
I walked through the gate,
stood in front of the Reflecting Pond with a catch in my throat...
to the right, the Field of Empty Chairs caught my eyes.
The lights filled my eyes with tears...

During that visit I met a K9 and his Trainer.
They were part of the Recovery Team after April 19, 1995 
and visiting the Memorial 
before leaving the following day as Rescuers for 911.

Pray for the safety of the Men, Women and Dogs 
who serve as Search and Rescue Teams!
Now I ask that we all pray for the families and friends of
the Boston Marathon Runners,
our law enforcement, the first responders,
those in the medical field and 
for those ordinary people who react 
when needed, for no other reason but 
to help!
God loves you and so do we!

Oy vay....

 Life can carry you away!  Right?
First, my hard drive with years of photos crashed
(maybe 85% was saved by a pro at
Quality PC in Tulsa, for only $230...worth every penny!) ,
then my dentist (one time visit last year) hits national news (here)
(my blood test came back normal - GOD IS GOOD!),
3 families (friends and 2-family - states apart) 
had major wrecks on the same weekend
(no one seriously hurt - again,thank you Lord!)
 I started having ocular migraines again (7 in last 45 days- 2 this week),...
just to name a few of the crazy things I'm dealing with these days!
So photography hasn't been on my priority list.

I've been reevaluating my life.
Trying to regroup and take care of what's really important...

My Hubineer suggested a drive in the convertible to a 
new to us, breakfast joint on Route 66, last Sunday...
there's nothing like heated seats and the top down,
crazy, but fun! 
Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK (here).
It's on the market. I hope someone buys it and keeps this place alive!
Great food...love the apple wood bacon, whew, yum!!
 Fellow dinners were on the way to a muscle car rally in OKC, 
 ...getting artsy fartsy once again...
should of got a photo of my Hubineer drooling!
Stop the car!
I had to take some shots of this...
My maiden name is Turk.
And we stopped so I could talk to the owners.
There may be only 3 Turk families in my state of OK!
(None related.)
We were so close we drove on to
the round barn in Arcadia, OK. (Here)
 Love getting artsy fartsy!
 Upstairs listening to some bluegrass.
What great acoustics up there!
The antique farm tools were fun too.
 Crazy mold on some of the metal.
Did you know,
 I love peeling paint and rust...I bet you did!
Driving a little further we found
the Pop Stand (here) ...
bought a six pack of real cane sugar Dr Pepper!
Heavenly sipping on the return home...
We jumped on the turnpike and
rushed home to see the last day of the Masters.
Great day my friends!
"My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim,
 no meaning and yet I'm happy.  
I can't figure it out.  What am I doing right? 
~ Charles Schulz (the great cartoonist - Peanuts)
I'm doing good and count myself lucky
and I'm going to have a good day!
So you do the same friends...
Happy Click'n!

Thank you for your understanding!

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