Monday, May 27, 2013

Joyful Hike on Memorial Day!

I'm not a Country Music fan,
but I do love Garth Brooks...
Even though it's not a Garth song, this came to mind as I look back at 
these pictures taken during a hike this weekend.
"And I'm proud to be an American,

Where at least I know I'm free.

And I won't forget the men who died,

Who gave that right to me."  Lee Greenwood
The men in my family served our country...
two Marines,
one Army,
and another in the Navy and Air Force.
I'm very proud of them
and to live in this country!
To all those who serve...
Thank you for serving and giving us our freedom!
A perfect day to hike with my Hubineer...
Happy Click'n!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas...

 Yesterday, we were checking out a new to me
campground and we spotted this fireplace in the picnic area.
I love outdoor fireplaces!
Take a look at this sign...
zoomed in here.
I wonder why the Park service didn't 
just take this fireplace out?!
You know someones going to break this rule!
Happy Click'n!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Orange you glad it's Friday!

Third day's the charm!
 My first hike this week I only had my
zoom lens, when I found these flowers.
The second morning I hiked, I had my macro lens
but the sun was too clouds in the sky
and me without my CPL filter!
Finally, the third morning...another storm was threatening
but I was smarter, I grabbed my CPL filter, just in case!
I captured these beauties!
Does anyone know what kind of wild flower these are?
This is my shot for "Orange you glad it's Friday" (here).

Enjoy your weekend!
Happy Click'n!

Queen's Anne Lace?

I know nothing about the Oklahoma wild flowers I realize!
A few Rockies mountain wild flowers, I know, like
Monks' Hood, Indian Paint Brush, 
my dad taught me during our hikes while rock hunting in the Rockies.
I'm trying to identify this wild flower,
can you help?
Is it Queen's Anne Lace?
"The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger
from the setbacks means that you are,
ever after,
secure in your ability to survive."
~ J. K. Rowling
Happy Click'n!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to help the Oklahoma Tornado Survivors!

If you are looking for ways to help the Oklahoma tornado survivors, check these organizations out:

American Red Cross 
Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund here or give blood at a local hospital or blood bank.Send $10 to the Disaster Relief fund by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999 or by visiting the website at RedCross.orgPhone: 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767); for Spanish speakers, 1-800-257-7575; for TDD, 1-800-220-4095
AmeriCares delivers medicines, medical supplies, and aid to people in need across the United States and around the world. Their emergency response team is in Oklahoma coordinating deliveries of emergency aid and assessing the needs of survivors and health care organizations in the disaster area. You can help by donating through the organization’s website, calling 1-800-486-HELP, or texting “LIVE” to 25383 to make a $10 donation. Please mail your check or money order to: AmeriCares, 88 Hamilton Ave., Stamford, CT 06902
Feeding America 
For every dollar donated, Feeding America provides eight meals to families facing hunger. Donate here to help the organization deliver truckloads of food and water supplies to the affected Oklahoma communities. Phone: 1-800-771-2303
Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief 
Monetary donations are the best way to help, according to its website. You can make a one-time or monthly contribution to aid in the Disaster Relief efforts by donating online or by mailing a check to: BGCO, Attn: Disaster Relief, 3800 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73112. They are currently not taking clothing donations.
Operation USA 
Operation USA is an international relief agency that helps communities at home and abroad overcome the effects of disasters, disease, and endemic poverty by providing privately-funded relief, reconstruction, and development aid. Donate here or give a $10 donation by texting the word “AID” to 50555. Checks should be sent to: Operation USA, 7421 Beverly Blvd., PH, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma asks that the public support all rescue, recovery, and disaster relief efforts with donations of cash to your favorite responding charity. Click here to make a donation online or text “FOOD” to 32333. Each text is $10 charged to your phone bill. Donations of items such as clothing and supplies are strongly discouraged.
Salvation Army 
The Salvation Army is currently organizing disaster response units to serve the hard-hit areas in Oklahoma. Supporters are encouraged to give online or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769). You can also text the word “STORM” to 80888 to make a $10 donation through your mobile phone; to confirm your gift, respond with the word “Yes.” Donate to the Oklahoma Tornado Relief by mailing a check to: The Salvation Army, PO Box 12600, Oklahoma City, OK 73157.
United Way of Central Oklahoma  
The organization advises that monetary donations are the best way to help. Fund dollars will be distributed without administrative fees to United Way Partner Agencies working on the tornado relief efforts. Donations may be made online at or by mail to: United Way of Central Oklahoma, P.O. Box 837, Oklahoma City, OK  73101 with notation for May Tornado Relief.
Samaritan’s Purse
The international Christian relief organization will provide emergency assistance as well as cleaning and repairing damaged homes. Donations to help victims can be made at
OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund
The state of Oklahoma, coordinating with the United Way of Central Oklahoma, on Tuesday established the OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund to help "with the long-term medical, emotional and educational needs of victims of the May 20 tornado in Moore and the May 19 tornado near Shawnee." Donations can be made online at  Phone: 1-405-236-8441.
Feed the Children
Feed the Children has set up five locations in Oklahoma City to accept donations to help victims of the Moore tornado. The organization is accepting items including diapers, canned goods, non-perishable food, snack items, water and sports drinks. The organization is also supporting mobile canteens in partnership with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. You can donate online, or make a $10 donation by texting the word DISASTER to 80888.
Central OK Humane Society 
(For the pets left homeless and injured.) Currently greatest need is financial donations to help treat and house lost and injured animals. Current in-kind needs are: Towels, paper towels, bleach, gloves, and crates. All donations can be taken to either Central Park Dog Daycare locations in Oklahoma City, OK (2905 NW 70th and 5420 N. Classen Blvd.) Pet food donations may be taken there as well.

Feel free to cut and paste any or all this
information to your blog to help spread the word...
please help the Oklahoma tornado survivors!
Your prayers help too!

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday ~ Week 21

My sweet shot this week was a surprise appearance 
by a teeny weeny spider.
This photo was first posted here.
I didn't know he "photobombed" me
until I downloaded my photos!

Kent Weakley at "Photography Essentials" (here) is sponsoring P52!

The premise is to post your favorite or best photo each week on Kent's website,
link to your post and comment on other photographer's posts.  What a great way to 
network in the photography blogosphere, learning and sharing as you go!
Photobomb (verb) =  to drop in a photo unexpectedly...
to hop in a picture right before it is taken.
Notice the water droplets on this spider's legs!
Happy Click'n!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stormy Skies...

If you read my earlier post tonight,
you know I spent some time in the closet.
I herd the cats in there so we're ready if the
sirens blow...this is easier on our crazy cats!
 16 counties are reporting state of emergency
here in Oklahoma. 
 A few tornadoes touched down in the OKC area.
 The storms seemed to be heading towards BA...that's us!
 Luckily, things have died down and we just have
thunder storms and flash flood warnings now. 
So it seemed safe for me to go outside to take some photos.
Then I prayed for those who are affected by the tornadoes.
May the Lord watch over you tonight
and the days to come!

Macro Mondays = Wet

that's this week's theme on Flickr's Macro Mondays.
We've been having rain on and off this week,
however, I just didn't time it right venturing out to catch droplets. 
So I created my own water drops with a water bottle.
I got the bright idea to try catching a drop fall
from this flower bud.
 That's when a spider climbed up the stock,
 as I'm click'n away,
finally the drop fell...
rats, it's a little out of focus!
This took 167 shots.
Why so many?
The bud kept sucking up the drops
and I would have to spray again
and start over.
Times like this, I truly appreciate going digital,
cause who could afford trying this with film?
I shared a few of my photos with two Macro groups.
First - a Flicker group, "Macro Mondays" (here),
and  "Macro Monday" a Monday photo gallery
 (here) at Lisa's Chaos blog.
"I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether 
it's going to work or whether I'm going to fall flat on my face."
~ Johnny Depp
Posting this Sunday night while sitting in the closet
with my two cats and my camera...
where's my Hubineer?
Watching the tornado warnings on TV.
This is our life living in tornado alley!
Happy Click'n!

Simple Beauty!

I love Japanese Maple trees.
When the leaves first open they are green,
but as they mature they
turn this gorgeous burgundy color.
When the sun back lights the leaves,
it makes them translucent,
I can't seem to look away.
Breath taking!
One of the simple yet beautiful things about nature...
These photos just don't do this tree justice!
Happy Click'n!

Lazy Sunday Morning...

Perfect beginning for a lazy day...
 biscuits and gravy,
 coffee in my favorite mug,
and Bogey reading the paper with us!
So lazy I shot these with my iPhone...
Happy Sunday to you all!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baseball, kids and catching the action!

My grandnephews (is that right? anyway, that's what I call our
nephew's boys), who have provided opportunities 
to practice photographing action this Spring...
they have fun and so do I,
it's a win win!
Admittedly, I love watching them even when my camera rests!
My favorite shots so far this season, follow.
Scrabbling after Carson hit.
"I got it."
And he got it!
A catcher like his older brother.
Peyton has been catching for a few years.
I love the excitement!
They're growing up too fast!
 He got this kid out!
Our family is small in number,
but big with love!
These shots were taken with my Vivitar Series 1 Zoom 28-300 mm lens.
I had this lens first on my Canon Rebel film camera and it's
working great on my much newer digital camera (Canon EOS 60D).
I'm finally putting my zoom to use!
Some things I've learned...
(1)  set the camera on drive mode for continuous images
and the sports setting until I master manual,
(2)  use the circular polarizing filter for sunny days
and it helps immensely when shooting into the sun along with a hood,
(3)  you can't take too many shots!
(4)  change your advantage point, mix it up;
(5)  RELAX,  ENJOY yourself!!
Happy Click'n!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Random Bug this Spring!

Looking outside I noticed,
this yellow flower holding water. 
Once I downloaded the photo,
I noticed the random bug (upper left corner of flower)...
I was too busy focusing on the reflections to notice it.
Funny, the bug is in focus but the pool of rain, not so much!
It's always a joy to see my shots enlarged on the computer screen,
I never truly know what I'll find.
Happy Click'n!

Gardening gloves make great camera gloves!

If you don't want to see all the family project photos,
scroll to the bottom of this post to
see my "photo equipment find"...
My job for this project was to gather the parts for the "next step and stay ahead of the worker bees"! Before I left home, I checked the forecast and knew I should pack my new gardening gloves with the rubber palms because the temps were going to be low and Mother Nature my rain us out!
It was about 45 degrees outside, misty and it's always windy in Kansas, luckily these gloves kept my fingers warm and I was able to count, sort and pair (threading bolts and nuts together) the hardware for each step while wearing them.  For me, more important was I could operate my camera easily without feeling like I was going to drop my expensive camera! These gloves are stretchy and fit like a second skin.  A new staple for my camera bag!  You can find the "Wonder Grip" gloves (here) if you can't find them at your garden supply store.  They are priced under $10.00.  (I found a cheaper brand at WalMart, however they seem lighter weight which might not be as warm. I'm interested to see how they feel when the temps are closer to freezing. )
It was a cold and damp day...
I shivered for about 9 hours straight!
Okay, we did break for a quick lunch,
but that only made it feel colder outside!
As tired as I was at the end of the day,
it was all worth it ~
I had a good time and 
we made our grandsons pretty happy with the new play set!
Happy Click'n!

Thank you for your understanding!

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