Monday, November 11, 2013

Dark Light

To night I was mesmerized watching "Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers" an HBO documentary first aired in 2010. I'm not sure when this will play again, I recorded it back in July and just now viewing it. The highlighted three blind photographers are as follows:

(1)  Pete Eckert
When Pete Eckert found out he was going to lose his sight to retinitis pigmentosa 27 years ago, he was well on his way to becoming an architect, receiving acceptances from graduate programs.  It was also around this time that he discovered his mother’s old camera...then the magic began!
(For more info on Echert go here and here.)
"Saloon" by Pete Echert

(2)  Bruce Hall
Bruce Hall is a legally blind photographer, teacher, musician, scuba diver and autism activist.
(For more info on Hall go here and here.)
"Limpet" by Bruce Hall

(3)  Henry Butler
Butler was blinded by glaucoma in infancy.  His musical training began at the Louisiana State School for the Blind, where he learned to play valve trombone, baritone horn and drums before focusing his talents on singing and piano. Butler has pursued photography as a hobby since 1984.
(For more info on Butler go here and here.)
"Sunset" by Henry Butler
It's so fascinating to watch these amazing photographers in action!
Until you can catch this film, here is a teaser.
If you have HBO should be able to watch Dark Light.

Happy Click'n!

Veteran's Day!

This veteran made it home
after serving in World War II...
Thank goodness or I wouldn't be here!
He was the best Dad ever!
We visited Washington DC last June
and really enjoyed visiting the WWII Memorial.
My post here.
In the above photo, we were at the Vietnam Memorial...
my husband was helping and a Vet who was paying his respects to 
some of his war buddies.
I was around during that war,
I was a senior in high school when the US withdrew in 1973
and I still feel guilty for the way our soldiers were treated when they returned!
Not that I demonstrated or did anything disrespectful,
I was just too young and indifferent to the situation and I regret that!
Let's try to show our appreciation today
and everyday to those who serve our country,
whether it's in the military, police force or the fire department, etcetera,
lets give them our thanks and respect!
Shake their hand if nothing else...
Lets never forget their sacrifices!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge ~ Layering Textures!

This month's challenge  ~ "Layering Textures" ~
is the subject for "A Personal Photo Challenge" (here).
When I first read about applying layering textures,
I wasn't too happy about trying something new...
computers have NOT been my friends lately!
But thanks to Donna, the host at APPC,
I got great encouragement and my attitude changed.
Not far from Greer, SC, we visited this covered bridge.
I love covered bridges!
I used this photo in my first attempt at layering textures.
(To achieve this aged look,
I first changed my photo to B&W, next I used the free texture layer from
 Kim Klassen called "paper stained".)

This photo was taken in the garden at the 
Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC., here.
(Now my photo is like looking out a window and it's storming out...
With this one I had some fun.  I found a "rain" layer free on Flickr - here -
and used it in Elements to give this effect.)
We left shortly after I took this shot, right before the skies
 opened up for the much needed rain.

After reading more about Layering Textures, I decided to try this
 technique with one of my macro shots...
(Look close, notice the writing? 
For this one I used a free Texture Layer from Flickr
that was of writing on brown paper, same link as above.)
 I was having great fun, and tried reversing these photos ...
(Somehow I managed to create a layer, the flower photo
I was using before as the background is now the layer, 
and I used the writing layer as my background.
I flip-flopped them! Ha!)
My gear, if not otherwise stated ~ 
camera is a Canon EOS 60D set on AF,
a Vivatar Series I 28-300mm lens (first two photos),
Canon Macro  lens  EF 100mm 1:2.8 L IS USM,
and I use Adobe Elements 11 for processing.
If you are interested in joining "A Personal Photo Challenge", 
a link to Donna's blog is at the beginning of this post. 
Thank you Donna for hosting this great challenge!
A Personal Photo Challenge
I hope you will join us for these monthly challenges,
you're invited to hop over to the other participant's
blogs to see more photos.
Comments are always welcome! 
Layering Texture Tips I want To Remember:
1)  For inspiration and to see what is possible, check this out, here.
2)  For a free tutorial see Kim Klassen's Textures in Ten, here
A great place to begin!   Ms Klassen
also offers free textures, occasionally, through her email newsletter. 
3)  Flickr also has free texture layers here.
4)  Read this great article from Digital Photography School, here,
on Texturing Photographs...the following tips came from there:
a)  Thinking about what you want your final image to look like, 
before you consider which textures to use, 
will help you narrow down viable candidates.
b)  Texturing is not a way to fix photographs with problems. 
But it can transform them into something fun and interesting!
Try not to have a closed mind like I had,
explore and have fun adding texture layers to your photos!
Happy Click'n!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photographing Frost Tips!

 I spotted frost on the grass this morning...
it really caught my eye when I walked my husband outside to the car.
So I ran inside grabbed my camera and sweater...
 and started click'n...
 and wouldn't you know it,
our nosy neighbor came out to talk.
I now know the latest news in the neighborhood...
 By the time I got back to taking photos of the frosted leaves,
 the nice crisp frost was changing, and starting to melt.
when viewing my shots on the computer,
I was disappointed in the results!
So I googled, and found these tips for next time.
(1)  Switching to Aperture Priority or Manual mode and dialing in a small aperture (represented by a large f-number, such as f/16 or f/22) increases the depth of field. This means that more of the picture will appear sharp.
(2)  Photograph delicate subjects early in the morning, when the air is generally more still.
(3)  To maximise the depth of field and prevent parts of your subject appearing blurred, keep the back of the camera parallel with the subject.
(4)  Use a tripod.

These are just some of the tips from (here).
If you have any tips to share please do,
I always love to get comments!
Enjoy your day!
Happy Click'n!

Monday, November 4, 2013

I Love Macros ~ Cats and/or Dogs

My cats are not cooperating with me this week;
when they do something cute, I don't have a camera handy,
or they are always sleeping, crap!!
This week's macro theme is "Cats and/or Dogs"...
 Luckily I have a Willow Tree Statue with a cat.
 I liked the shadow in this one,
so I converted it into black and white.
When I changed the lighting, I got some obvious bokeh!
Maybe I should get a dog...
I shared one of my photos with these Macro groups.
First - a Flicker group, named "Macro Mondays" (here), 
which the theme this week happens to be "Cats and/or Dogs".
And another group called "ipernity" (here)
also called "Macro Mondays" runs the same theme weekly.
And at "Macro Monday 2" a Monday photo gallery (here),
also a Saturday photo gallery called "i heart macro" (here).
Have a wonderful week...
Happy Click'n!

Thank you for your understanding!

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