Monday, April 27, 2015

Macro Theme ~ Crinkled, Wrinkled, Folded or Creased

"This theme encourages you to be creative and to really 
look at various materials and objects as they fold, bend, crumpled,
 scrunch or ripple. It might be something you find in the laundry basket, 
something you create by crumpling a sheet of paper, 
a folded origami construction, or a petal or leaf that is naturally wrinkled."

After reading the description to this week's theme,
"Crinkled, Wrinkled, Folded or Creased",
my first thought was to play around with aluminum foil.
Next, I crushed and wadded up a pretty piece of scrapbook paper
and played around with light and shadows.
Flickr's Macro Mondays (here)
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 "Macro Monday 2" a Monday photo gallery (here),
and a Sunday photo gallery called "i heart macro" (here).
“A photograph is a secret about a secret. 
The more it tells you the less you know.” — Diane Arbus
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Photo Project 1 ~ Abstract Art

After cruising a few bookstores looking for inspiration to guide me through exploring creativity in photography I found the following book, which looked exactly what I had in mind:
The A-Z of Creative Photography~The Complete Guide to More Than 70 Creative Techniques by Lee Frost (from Amazon here).  The first theme is Abstract Art, which I'm only now actually appreciating, especially in paintings. Some early experimenting with my iPhone got me looking at my surroundings in different ways.  (This is a wonderful link about using your iPhone to produce abstract photos and tips that can be applied to SLR use.)
(Feeling a little like Warhol... a corner of my husband's office.)
(Window frame looking through glass.)
(Stopped at a quick mart to shoot portion of their sign.)

New and old abstracts taken with my SLR, below.
(Photo shot through glass goblet onto a greeting card,
originally posted in Feb. 2013.)
(Adjoining doorways in black and white.)
(Out of focus macro shot.)
I hope to eventually work through all these exercises and techniques. If you would like to share a link to an abstract post you've made, please share the link in the comments below! 
*****   Abstract Photography Notes   *****
10 Things to look for when taking abstract photos:
1. Choose strong shapes
2. Get up close
3. Use color to grab attention
4. Seek out texture
5.Look for repeating patterns
6. Use lines and curves
7. Photograph reflections
8. Shoot through another object
9. Capture shadows
10. Blur your images

Impressive photo galleries:

Online links to articles:

My older abstract post here and similar photos here.
*****  *****  *****  
“The camera is an instrument that teaches 
people how to see without a camera.”  — Dorothea Lange
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Flickr's PhotoChallenge: Architecture/Doorways

Yesterday I found a Flickr group called (here).
Each Sunday a new theme is announced, and
this week it is "Architecture - Doorways".
Their blog is linked here, which gives some examples
and explanations if you would like to check it out.  
 My personal challenge is that I'm house bound this week.
We finally got our SUV into a body shop to fix it 
after a semi truck backed into me.

(No joke, he backed into me. Guess you could say
I was front-ended.  I was able to get my SUV into
reverse in the nick of time and didn't get run over.
We drove like that for about a block...luckily no one was hurt.
It was like a nightmare...enough said.)

My only choice of subject was our own house,
as I didn't feel comfortable nosing around my neighbor's homes.
Above is one of our garage doors, and
below is our front door.
Getting a little desperate and feeling artsy,
I took the abstract below of  indoor adjoining doorways.
Yesss, that is 1990's of my many projects
is to remove it.  Though, I like the stripes in this photo, 
I think it adds some interest to the shot especially in black and white.
These shots were taken with my Canon 60D camera and
 the lens is a Canon ES-F 18-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS.
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Macro Love ~ Herbs and Spices

Our Flickr's Macro Monday theme
this week is "herbs and spices".
This was a difficult shoot, some days are like that.
I found a variety of herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinet.  
Arranged them in a variety of ways.
But nothing seemed to pop today.
(Whole nutmeg and cinnamon sticks with a pestle.)
(Bay leaf on a wooden plate.)
(Cinnamon sticks in a mortar with pestle.)
As I reminded myself not to get discouraged,
(Bay leaf, caraway seeds and paprika, BF - before the fall.)
I accidentally flipped a plate of herbs and spices in the air.
Yikes...what a mess.
For real, I had to shake it off...spices and irritations!
Flickr's Macro Mondays (here).

And I'm sharing with my 
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 "Macro Monday 2" a Monday photo gallery (here),
and a Sunday photo gallery called "i heart macro" (here).
“Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.” 
― William Cowper
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sharp Focus? Try Photo Stacking

I've been envious of some of the macro photos I've seen and
wondered why I couldn't quite get my shots super sharp like them.
"Photo Stacking" is the answer. 
I used CombineZM software (free) 
but first, I took a few shots
focusing progressively from front to mid-point,
photos follow~
 First shot...
Then I processed these photos in CombineZM;
 this is my first attempt to focus stack and I was impressed with the results.
To download CombineZM software (here)
 and a tutorial (here).
It's very simple, and worth a try if you're after a sharper image.
There are more advanced ways to stack photos, but
I wanted an easier way to do this process, for now, anyway.
My best tip would be to overlap the focus areas so there are
no fuzzy areas scattered through your nice sharp focus.
If you don't overlap your stacked photo (caraway seeds)
will end up like this one (above).
And secondly, save the cropping to after processing the photos 
because you might have blurry edges to remove.
Have fun and play with this software!
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Macro Love ~ Shadows!

Today Flickr's Macro Monday theme is "It's all about the shadow".
I spent a few hours playing around with shadows,
creating them and studying them. 
I lit the above shot from the side making little diamond shaped light
and highlighting the texture of this copper napkin holder.
My second shot is softer, almost looks like a painting.
I used back lighting to create a shadow in front of the copper leaf.

Probably what took me so long was the fact
I was playing around with the manual camera settings.
What a thrill when I found the right combination!
Flickr's Macro Mondays theme  ~ "From the Top"! (here)

And I'm sharing with my 
other favorite Macro groups:
 "Macro Monday 2" a Monday photo gallery (here),
and a Sunday photo gallery called "i heart macro" (here).
“What would your good do if evil didn't exist,
 and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?” 
― Mikhail Bulgakov
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 ***     ***
Notes and thoughts about "shadows"  from the internet~

Light is nothing without shadows.  It is the shadows that shape the light, draw attention to the light, and integrate with the light to produce striking photographic opportunities.

Reading the light is only half the challenge — one must also learn to read the shadows.

 Five uses of shadows in creating dynamic photos:
  • Contrast and Drama...People’s attention is automatically drawn to areas of high tonal contrast.
  • Focus...The shadows help focus the viewer’s attention by removing detail from the less important parts of the image. 
  • Directing the Attention...When a shaped shadow points to the center of interest in a photo, the shadow will direct the viewer’s attention to the center of interest. 
  • Revealing Form...This often involves the sun, at a low angle to the horizon, casting long shadows across the terrain. Any irregularities in the shape of the subject or terrain will be magnified. 
  • Revealing Texture...the photographer moves in close to emphasize the texture of an object rather that the form..
Great online articles:

Ideas for shadows
 ***     ***

Thursday, April 9, 2015

What Restores me, Daffy Dills!

What restores me are my daffodils...
 I look forward to seeing them pop up
every Spring.  They help be forget our
brown world of winter.
 And today, they are gone, but
thankfully, I got outside at their peek and took
a ridiculous amount of photos so they can restore me anytime!
Join us at "Little By Little", here,
to share "what restores you"!
"The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings."
-  Joyce Kilmer, Spring
Daffodils are the awakening of the earth
and do they ever sing to me!
My favorite flowers...
Happy Click'n!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Macro Love ~ Baseball

The official Opening Day in the USA for Major League Baseball is April 6th. 
 In honor of that Flickr's Macro Monday theme this week is Baseball,  
"America’s favorite pastime." 
 We must try to capture the sport and/or spirit of the game 
for this challenge in a macro form.

This was a tough one, as our nephew wasn't playing 
this weekend because it's Easter and my initial ideas involved
an actual game. 
I found this old, not forgotten, wooden baseball bat under our bed,
(oh hush, that's where my husband put it)
a warn KC Royals baseball cap and a Sport's Illustrated for a backdrop.
My first shot shows a "six" on the base of the bat,
representing opening day and I used patriotic colors - red, white and blue,
for "America's favorite pastime".
In my second shot, I used autumn colors and zeroed in
on the writing on the bat ...Little League, Mantle Style, Hand Rubbed.
This one is my favorite, reminding me of simpler times.
Growing up in the '50-60's...the neighborhood kids, 
all ages, boys and girls, playing baseball at the empty lot down the street.
Good times, great memories!
Flickr's Macro Mondays theme  ~ "From the Top"! (here)

And I'm sharing with my 
other favorite Macro groups:
 "Macro Monday 2" a Monday photo gallery (here),
and a Sunday photo gallery called "i heart macro" (here).
"Things could be worse.  Suppose your errors were counted and
published every day, like those of a baseball player!"  ~ Unknown
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Just Say NO!

Do you ever ask yourself,
what the heck am I doing?
Catching up on things...
Grey's Anatomy,
and my nephew's newest music video...for the past hour.
I must be going CRAZY...
In defense of myself, commercial breaks 
are so long these days, I didn't miss the important stuff.
Or did I?
Shutting it down and going for a walk!
Happy Click'n!

Thank you for your understanding!

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